About Alana Blusol


“Remember yourself as MORE…”

Alana Blusol (formerly known as Oksana Zielinski) is a practitioner of shamanic arts, a student of ancient mysteries and a planet Earth aficionado.

As a naturally gifted and highly trained intuitive healer, Alana offers truly transformational shamanic healing sessions and workshops, working with the healing technologies of Peruvian Q’ero Inca, Russian and Norse traditions.

She was called into shamanism by Death herself, losing some of her loved ones – family members, friends, beloved animal companions  –  with the exception of her two sons. What followed was a total surrender; a transformation and restoration of the Soul.

Alana’s personal sense of adventure springs forth from a deep working knowledge of the Spirit, Faery and Devic realms. At home in both visible and invisible worlds, she radiates a vibration of love, joy and magic in all that she does.

Her latest co-creation — RAINBOW BRIDGE STUDIOS — is a collective effort of artists, dreamers, visionaries and healers who place their talents in the service to humanity through empowering imagination, encouraging soul-love and inspiring relationships with the Invisible Nature of Reality.

Currently, Alana is manifesting a move to the Portland, Oregon region, with her magical soul-mate and their gorgeous German Shepherd, Ruby. Alana is a proud parent of two incredible Beings.

“I wish you and your family, ancestors and descendants PEACE beyond all understanding”