Shamanic Artwork for Divine Imagination

As an intuitive artist, it is my desire to awaken your Divine Imagination. My wish is to assist you to walk in wonder, to live in joy and to create your life in a magical way from your Divine Core.

We create our life using our Imagination. Thoughts become things. Everything in our life was once an idea or an imagination. We often create from our past, old wounds or successes, family beliefs or simply from our unconscious mind. I call this “sleeping imagination” or creating by default. From this place, we re-create the same familiar patterns in our lives, the same relationships, the same economy, the same story over and over again.

When our Divine Imagination is awakened, we activate a creative power that can transform any environment, any relationship, any belief in a blink of an eye. Our Divine Imagination is more powerful than we could possibly know.

I create my artworks in a powerful partnership with intentional creative energy that permeates and penetrates all life. The artworks I create are highly charged, uniquely tailored just for you – they act to awaken your Soul to its untapped creative power, to unlock its hidden wisdom, and to unleash its potential for love, joy and blessed freedom.

When you commission me to create a powerful piece of artwork, I work directly with your Guides and hold a magical intention for you and your life.

For those seeking a taste of their own Divine Imagination, I highly recommend the audio exercise from Rainbow Bridge Studios called IMAGINARIUM.IMAGINARIUM

Power Animal and Totem Artwork

Animals have such amazing energy, profound character, and incredible strength. The word animal comes from a Latin word meaning breath of life or soul. The word totem originally indicated a familial relationship or brother/sister kin. There is a difference between a Power Animal and an animal Totem. The Totem comes to you as a teacher or guide for a limited time that ranges from several days to a few years. Your Power Animals volunteer to be a source of support, power, and wisdom for you since the moment of your birth into the physical world.

With the assistance of your Guides, I retrieve your Power Animal or divine your Totem, and then create an energetically charged custom artwork (painting or drawing) that can become a portal to healing and activation of your Divine imagination.

Soul Journey Artwork

With the assistance of your Guides, I retrieve a helping spirit or the part of yourself that will serve to awaken your Divine Imagination, facilitate healing and reveal your Souls Journey. The artwork can be a painting, drawing, mandala or a collage, and include sacred geometry, ancient runes and glyphs calibrated to your Soul’s Journey to act as a portal into your Soul’s desires fulfilled.

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Museum Quality Canvas 9” x 12” or 12” x12”, unframed or 12” x 12” framed drawing or 3-d collage delivered to you within 2 to 4 weeks by Priority Mail, free shipping to the US.

Power Animal and Totem Artwork (Power Animal Retrieval Session is included in the price)

Soul Journey Artwork (Soul Journey Retrieval Session is included in the price)


Soul Journey Collages