Kids and Power Animals

Kids and Power Animals

Power Animal: How would your life be different today if since an early age you had a wise, loving friend?

A friend that was always at your side, never judged you, always had your best interests at heart?

And you knew that no matter what – in the moments of your greatest joy or deepest despair – your friend will ALWAYS be there for you? How would your life be different if you knew that you’re NEVER ALONE?

Well, these special friends exist – our indigenous elders call these helpers Spirit or Power Animals because more often than not they appear as animals that provide us with power, guidance, and support from the moment of our physical birth.

When I met mine for the first time I was very excited – he was beautiful, powerful, wise, and honestly, a little intimidating. But within a few days after my power retrieval, I integrated back into a fast-paced life of a young mother, entrepreneur and an artist, and forgot to pay attention to my Power Animal. After a couple of weeks, I was noticing peculiar changes in me – I was craving bloody steaks, getting feisty with my friends, and catching myself thinking about clawing a tree.

In a bit of a panic I talked to my shamanic teacher and described the symptoms to her, to which she had only one response: have you danced your Power Animal lately? All of a sudden all my peculiarities made perfect sense, and I journeyed to properly greet my Power Animal and learn about him, and from him.

That was a beginning of a very special relationship – my Beloved Guide is closer to me now than my own breath, he is always at my side, and has only love and wisdom for me. He seems to know and remember everything – all I have to do is ask a question.

If I ever have to pick what I love most about my life on Earth I would say without hesitation: love, kids, and animals. As a shamanic practitioner, I would like to work more with children – they seem to respond to shamanic arts fast, and the most amazing thing is they seem to understand the language without translation: Dancing Power Animal? – Sure! Journey to a different world? – Absolutely! Playing with Faeries? – Yes, please, now, now, now!

Power Animal

Although in our western culture the magic and miracles of walking with a Power Animal are practically unknown, the symbolic representations of this powerful relationship are all around us: in fairytales, stories and cartoons the hero or heroine is often accompanied by an animal. Aladdin and his monkey sidekick Abu, Princess Jasmine and her tiger Rajah, crab Sebastian as a sidekick for the Little Mermaid’s protagonist Ariel, Harry Potter and his snowy owl Hedwig, Mulan and her dragon guardian Mushu are prime examples.

The best depictions of the relationships with Power Animals that I’ve ever encountered are in a trilogy by Philip Pullman “His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass”.

In real life, one just has to look at the special place our pets have in our lives – and not just dogs, cats, and horses – but fish, reptiles, birds, pigs, bunnies, exotic animals – just to name a few. No one will ever doubt a heart bond between children and animals, just Google the images and let your heart melt!

With a SpiritPower Animal at our side, we are not only acquiring a loyal companion, but also a wise guide who accompanies us through life with expert skill, compassion, and patience. I know, I know, you’ll say that kids need to grow up and live in a real world. But have you looked at the real world lately? I mean, really looked? Objectively?

How many people do you personally know who live in a state of joy? Use their imagination? Are in love with themselves and the world?

Are you one of them? Your parents? Friends?

Our world is an external expression of what we feel inside. Do you like what you see? Think about the nature of the culture in which you were raised – the culture of fear and alienation from Nature. We were conditioned in a way that excluded the presence of helping spirits or the existence of invisible realms. How many years have you lived closed off to these worlds? Who were your invisible friends when you were 5?

These precious worlds do exist, and as kids, we visit them until we are forced to live in a “real world”. Teddy bears and stuffed animals we bond with as children are much more that just toys. I can still feel the pain of a loss of my special stuffed toy named Cheetah when I was 6 years old! The stuffed animals symbolically represent archetypes of the Power Animals – our guardian angels.

Talk to your children, ask them if they have a special animal friend, nurture that bond! If they are not aware, seek an assistance of a shamanic practitioner to retrieve their Power Animal, give your child a gift of magic and watch them grow into the Divine Beings that they truly are! I wish I were given such a gift when I was young!

There are a few things to teach your kids after Power Animal retrieval:

:: The identity of a Power Animal should be treated in a sacred manner, not to be revealed to others. Also teach your kids not to speak aloud to their Power Animal when someone might overhear, you don’t want them to become a target for teasing and bullying.

:: It is important to dance the Power Animal frequently, and it simply means to move as your Power Animal. For example, if the animal is Eagle – spread your arms as wings and soar! Make it playful and light – it is a lot of fun, especially if you, parents, know your Power Animals – it can become a joyful family activity. Kids know pretend play and can teach us!

:: Encourage your child to draw, paint or print a picture of their Power Animal and put it in their bedroom, so they can see it upon awakening and going to bed at night; teach your child to invite their Power Animal to accompany them during the day and say goodnight before they go to bed.

:: Help your child to find out about the habits and diet of the animal, and develop their special relationship with this kind of power.

:: As a fun event, once in a while cook a meal with your child for their Power Animal. For example, if the animal is Horse, it can be a dish made with oats and carrots. Not all animals eat foods that are delicious for us to consume, so improvise – together with your child you can make cookies in a shape of the food.

:: Teach your child to call to their Power Animal when they feel fear, pain, doubt, or if they are in danger, and ask for His help.

To conclude, I consult with my beloved Guide not only in the matters of working with my clients but in all aspects of my life – from the mundane to the divine. Our loyal companions generously impart their wisdom and teach us to make choices that are loving, sacred, kind and alive. Wouldn’t you want this for your child?

Power Animal