Shamanic Journey



Shamanic JourneyPreparing for Shamanic Journey

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises.

It is best to journey in complete darkness, so make sure you have something to cover your eyes and block off the light.

Eat lightly or not at all before the journey, and abstain from alcohol for twenty-four hours prior to a shamanic journey. Some medications and drugs can inhibit journeying.

It is great to walk, dance, sing or do breathing exercises right before a journey – it will flood your system with oxygen and help you to relax your body and keep your mind awake and alert.

Make sure your place is comfortable and warm. To start, try a slightly reclined, seated position, with the arms and legs uncrossed, hands on your lap and relaxed jaw.

Sacred Space and Prayer

Before beginning your journey, create intentional, sacred space – a safe container in which to do your inner work. In many shamanic traditions, we call on the four directions – great pillars of light, Mother Earth, and Great Spirit.

Offer a short prayer to your Guides with a request for power, assistance, and protection. Your Guides are always aware of you and your prayer will establish a conscious connection with them, which will make your journey safe and insightful.


Set a clear intention. Do you intend to journey to learn specific information or for a specific purpose, such as healing? Your intention will help you maintain focus and prevent distractions. Try to be as clear as possible.

A Shamanic Journey into the Spirit World

As you begin your shamanic journey, breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Establish a rhythm that is comfortable for you, and gently shift your awareness to your heart space and then expand it.  Allow your body to feel grounded, while your mind is active and curious. Allow yourself to receive all the images, sounds, smells, feelings and patterns that come to your attention

Expect to be delighted and surprised when you enter the Spirit World!

Pay attention to your surroundings and any Beings that appear – animals, mythological creatures or people. Ask them if they are there for your Highest Good. Remember, you’re in full control of yourself while on a journey, and you can summon or send away any Being, but remember to do it respectfully. To return from the journey you can simply open your eyes.

Stay open and receptive, like an explorer, and pay attention to what you are drawn to. Allow your journey to simply unfold without editing or figuring things out. The time to make sense of the journey will come later. Right now, just gather information and experiences. If your mind wanders during your journey, gently center yourself in your heart, remember your intent and bring your awareness back to the journey.

It is normal to question your experiences during the journey. The conscious mind will try to tell you that “you made it all up.” Don’t let that stop you. Over time, your experiences in the physical world will confirm the results of your journeys.

Returning from a Shamanic Journey

When you hear the change in the tempo of drumming – it will become faster – give thanks to any spirits assisting you on your shamanic journey and retrace your steps back to your physical body by shifting your attention to it.

Just like waking up in a morning, stretch your body, take off your eye cover and gently open your eyes. Try to remember as many details of the journey as you can. Write them down or draw, paint or collage your experience.

Know that EVERYTHING you perceive on your journey is a part of the message. Don’t discard anything just because it doesn’t make any sense to you now. Record all that you experienced – images, sounds, colors, smells, thoughts, feelings, symbols, and messages. Include the details of your surroundings and any companions who joined you. Avoid editing the experience.

Notice how you receive information – Do you see images? Hear your Spirits talk to you? Receive thoughts? Experience sensations with your body?

During the journey, your subconscious mind explores, observes, remembers and reports. After the journey, your conscious mind will assign meanings, reflect and interpret. You may want to research information that you received during the journey.

Expect to be surprised and delighted by the synchronicities that will begin to occur in your life. Pay attention to your emotional state and your dreams, and record your experiences.

With time and practice, your “sight” will become clearer. Be kind and patient with yourself – a journey is a form of spiritual exploration, so have fun with it – play! You will become more and more proficient with practice.

Your practice in journeywork will bring many gifts – healing, inspiration, surges of imagination and direct revelation. You will meet many helping Spirits and Allies along the way, and with time your relationships with them will become a source of mutual trust, love, and joy.

Bon Voyage!

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