Shamanism is the oldest form of healing on the planet. It has been recorded in caves and throughout cultures since mankind first figured out how to make a hand-print.

The practice of shamanism is not voodoo, hedonistic satanic worship or any other such nonsense. It has been vilified by our contemporary culture not because it’s crazy and hell-bound, but because the beliefs that form this practice are counter to everything western society has been doing for the last 500 years. Neither is it outdated, simplistic or limited in scope and application.


We are a part of Nature and Nature is a part of us, and without this appreciation, we cannot exist on this planet.

Life has a meaning. Big meaning. Absolutely everything we encounter or which crosses our path is not random but carries the wisdom and lessons we need to evolve and heal. Trusting life makes sense.

Personal experience and intuition are the most important aspect of our existence, even though we can’t prove their existence with scientific reasoning and experimentation. Without this awareness, we are lost and easily controlled by outside forces.


It is a comprehensive practice of empowering mind, body, and soul while integrating community, environment, and collective into the way we think of life. It is understanding the whole as well as the parts and utilizing natural medicine and spiritual growth to bring balance when necessary.

There is no separation in this practice, or in the life lived by this practice. While we understand and acknowledge that things certainly exist separately from others, we never let go of the necessity of seeing a relationship, and of questioning how big that apparent separation really is.

(When you are breathing in the air breathed out by a tree just moments before, are you truly separate, after all?)

Contemporary Shamanism, as what is practiced here, isn’t calling for the return to caves, torches, and grunting. By combining this awareness of connection and ‘right relationship’ with the earth with profound appreciation and appropriate use of the technological and conceptual advances, we may actually be able to establish a mature, conscious human society.

Shamanism imbues the world with spirit, finding meaning in not just particular people or species, but in the entire natural world. It utilizes the pleasure and power that can be found in connecting to other organisms and logically puts us humans – and our actions – back into the ecosystem that supports us, not above it. It places us back into being responsible inhabitants of the earth; into being connected, interdependent parts of a system, as we truly are.

There is no ‘out there’ God in Shamanism.

Nature is the church.

Gratitude is the language.

Power, knowing and purpose is the outcome.

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