Spirit Animal Integration



Your Spirit Animal is YOUR POWER, please don’t take it lightly and treat it with respect. Just imagine how much fuller your life will be with such powerful companion walking (flying, swimming) beside you.

Here are some things you can do to empower your relationship with your power animal. For example here, Bear is used as the power animal that was retrieved.

1. Hold the identification of your Spirit Animal as a sacred matter, not to be revealed to others.

2. Get a picture of Bear that feels like your Spirit Animal. If you are artistically inclined, you can draw or paint it yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive or be a great work of art. Pin the picture near your bed, someplace you will see it when you get up in the morning. When you get up, look at the picture and say silently or aloud, “Good morning, Bear. Please walk with me today.”

3. When you are out in nature, ask Bear to walk with you. Again, you can say this silently or aloud. “Please come and enjoy nature with me, Bear.” Note: Do not speak aloud to your animal when someone might overhear.

4. Go online and find out about the biology, habits, and diet of the animal. DO NOT look at any shamanic encyclopedic reference like Animal Speak or any kind of “animal cards.” It is better to learn about Bear’s habitat, food, and habits as well as what differentiates it from other animals. It can help you begin to understand why Bear came to help you with his kind of power.

5. Every few months have a meal that is prepared and consumed solely for the animal’s pleasure. In the case of Bear, that might be salmon, berries, and hot water with honey. Not all animals eat foods that are so delicious for us to consume. For example, in the case of the retrieval of Anteater, the recipient searched online until she found a novelty large chocolate ant. Not a chocolate covered ant, but a 6-inch long ant-shaped chocolate treat. She nibbled on it regularly, offering it to Anteater as she did so.

6. Call to Bear when you feel pain, doubt, or if you are in danger. Ask for his help. Speak with the animal if you need counsel, and note if there is a literal response or if something happens in ordinary reality as a response to the request.

7. When retiring in the evening, look at Bear and tell him you are thankful he walked with you today.

8. Dance your animal frequently. This is probably the most important thing to do. Do it as soon as you get home after the retrieval unless there was time for you to dance the animal at the practitioner’s space after it was retrieved. To dance the animal simply means imagine yourself as that animal and move your body like it would. Invite the spirit of your power animal to merge with you and for a few moments become that. It is the best to dance your animal in Nature, but your living room will do as well.

9. Ask your animal its name, and be patient if you don’t get an answer immediately – we are not skilled to receive direct communication from nonordinary reality. Keep asking, and do not doubt the name when you finally perceive it.

Consider giving something to help support the animal in ordinary reality if your Spirit Animal is on the endangered list. And most importantly, have fun and rejoice – you are never alone; you have a great Ally walking alongside you!