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Spirit Prosperity Guide

I bet you have heard many times that abundance is your natural state. When you look around in Nature, you see that there is more air than you can ever breathe, more water than you can ever drink, and more stars than you can ever count. However, it’s often a different picture when you look at your bank statement. Spirit Prosperity Guide.

So, why is it that you are not financially abundant? If you are reading this, I bet you have tried many things: tried to work harder and longer, tried different jobs, courses and seminars. Maybe even life coaching, hypnosis or abundance meditations. Nothing worked, so you assumed that something must be wrong with you.

And every time some friend with good intentions tells you “You should just do this…”, you clench your jaws to hold back angry, helpless tears. Am I close to the heart of the matter?

As a shamanic practitioner, I often hear from my clients about the experience of lack when they say they are broke(n) over money. Please allow me to tell you something, my dear one: You are not broken!

At the Spirit level, we are all abundant. But at the physical, human level this is not the case – poverty, debt, and crimes are prevalent in our global society. So, what is at the heart of the matter? In one word – distortions. Expanded – we all have accumulated memories, beliefs, imprints that prevent us from aligning with a vibratory state of prosperity and abundance. Most of us have taken on the same belief systems that our family had, or we saw money being used in a way that we didn’t like. As an example – can you name one living wealthy person that you personally know (or know of), whose integrity, goodness and character are not corrupted? But is goes even deeper than that – the distortions exist on a karmic, as well as ancestral, level.

From the shamanic perspective, I see the solution to this problem two-fold: release distorted beliefs about money and attune to the vibration of Universal abundance. My full intention is that you have 360° of prosperity in your life. And it’s my highest aspiration to assist you to become a bright, shining star of kindness, prosperity, generosity and goodness in your community.

I am all about what’s practical and what works. As a gift to you and as an experiment, I had created an audio recording of the guided shamanic journey to your Spirit Prosperity Guide. This journey is meant to be simple and straightforward; it only requires your willingness, presence, and practice to make it work.

This shamanic journey will assist you in these three areas:

  1. A thorough release of your accumulated money beliefs
  2. An energetic attunement to the frequency of abundance
  3. Effective next steps in your journey to true prosperity

Spirit Prosperity Guide Journey

Dear one, you are not alone on this life path. You have a team of Spirit Guides: some are with you since the day you were born, some come during your formative teen years as your ability to make life-changing decisions increase, some come when you need them.

This journey is to a very specific Guide – your Spirit Prosperity Guide. It could be your former Self who had access to an enormous fortune and used it for the greater good, a historical figure, and ascended master, or perhaps your ancestor. This Guide resonates prosperity and abundance and would be honored to offer her/his assistance to you.

Now, before you journey to the Spirit world, there are a few things to consider:

  • The content of this journey is a powerful tool, to use for healing, personal growth and to create new possibilities in your life. Please do yourself a favor and prepare for the journey.
  • I suggest listening to this journey for a full Moon Cycle (28 days) to develop a trusted connection with your Spirit Guide.
  • Keep records of your journeys in a journal and have fun with it!
  • If you have never been on a shamanic journey before, you may want to practice by using my introductory guided shamanic journey SANCTUARY

Everyone has the ability to access this guidance – all it takes is willingness, presence, and practice to develop that connection. Are you ready to step into the vibration of prosperity?

To get your recording of a transformational shamanic Journey to the Spirit Prosperity Guide, CLICK HERE

Spirit Prosperity Guide Journey