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"Shamanism is not a religion, it's a method. And when this method is practiced with humility, reverence, and self-discipline, the shaman's path can become a way of life." ~ Hank Wasselman

Alana Blusol Shamanism

About Alana Blusol

Alana Blusol (formerly known as Oksana Zielinski) is a practitioner of shamanic arts, a student of ancient mysteries and a planet Earth aficionado. As a naturally gifted and highly trained intuitive healer, Alana offers truly transformational shamanic healing sessions and workshops, working with the healing technologies of Peruvian Q’ero Inca, Russian and Norse traditions. She was called into shamanism by Death herself, losing some of her loved ones - family members, friends, beloved animal companions - with the exception of her two sons. What followed was a total surrender; a transformation and restoration of the Soul.


It is a comprehensive practice of empowering mind, body, and soul while integrating community, environment, and collective into the way we think of life. It is understanding the whole as well as the parts and utilizing natural medicine and spiritual growth to bring balance when necessary. There is no separation in this practice, or in the life lived by this practice. While we understand and acknowledge that things certainly exist separately from others, we never let go of the necessity of seeing a relationship, and of questioning how big that apparent separation really is.

Essential Shamanism, as it is developed and practiced here, combines the awareness of connection and ‘right relationship’ with the earth with profound appreciation and appropriate use of the technological and conceptual advances, in order to facilitate a shift towards mature, conscious human society.

Shamanism imbues the world with spirit, finding meaning in not just particular people or species, but in the entire visible and invisible world. It utilizes the pleasure and power that can be found in connecting to other organisms and logically puts us humans – and our actions – back into the ecosystem that supports us, not above it. It places us back into being responsible inhabitants of the earth and the Cosmos; into being connected, interdependent parts of a system, as we truly are.

There is no separate God in Shamanism.

We worship in Nature.

Our prayer is gratitude.

The outcome is power, wisdom, balance, and joy.

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Shamanic Energy Healing, Dreamwork, and Ritual to Celebrate the Birth of Your Inner Light

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Services Offered

Let's work together to bring out the best life for yourself! Below are some of the main ways I empower my clients to dream big and achieve their goals.

Shamanic Healing

SHAMANIC HEALING IN-DEPTH INITIAL SHAMANIC HEALING SESSION This is an in-depth shamanic energy healing session, designed to uncover, address, and heal pressing issues in your

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Shamanic Mentoring

SHAMANIC MENTORING Shamanic mentoring is a process of a compassionate review and rewriting of your life story, of discovering the patterns that hold and bind

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Shamanic Divination

SHAMANIC DIVINATION In a shamanic reading session, also known as shamanic divination, Alana will access divinely aligned information from your Spirit Guides, and get you answers

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Learn How to Journey on your Own! SANCTUARY is an audio recording of a guided meditation, that will take you on a journey to your Middle World. Your Middle World is the starting place for all future shamanic journeys, so it is worth it to practice going there quite frequently.



SANCTUARY – GUIDED SHAMANIC JOURNEY TO THE MIDDLE WORLD   SANCTUARY is guided shamanic journey to a special place of healing and power in the


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