Balanced Name Reading



It’s a name in complete harmony with your birth date and thus channels you naturally toward your true purpose in life.

When you choose a new balanced name, the effects can be immediate and dramatic. The way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity and self-esteem, all can improve significantly.

For many, changing their name to a balanced one is an extraordinarily uplifting experience, having a far greater impact on their lives than they imagined.

Balanced name has more than just aesthetic and linguistic appeal. It is intrinsically tied to your birth path, the original calling you were meant to pursue. They are fully in sync with the cycles and phases of your life, measured from the day you were born, so the path to realizing your full potential becomes clear and attainable.

I am more than happy to help you ascertain whether your name is balanced or not according to Yantra yoga and if you would like, I can also construct a new balanced name for you.



When a baby is born, it has no individual identity yet. That only happens when it receives a NAME. Once a baby received a NAME, then that NAME BECOMES THE IDENTITY.

That is why your first name is so important, you literally become your name and the name becomes the identity. The MIND is developing based on the qualities inherent in the mathematical vibration of the name. Your first name is WHO YOU ARE while your BIRTH PATH is who you SHOULD BE.



Yantra yoga is a simple method to align the inner and outer nature of the individual with their SOUL purpose. By doing this one simple act, the person gets onto spiritual path and starts his evolution to higher states of consciousness most rapidly.

One’s new name acts like a 24/7 mantra that is continually working to align the person with their highest purpose. As soon as a person has become IDENTIFIED with his new name, it starts to take effect. As soon as that person responds to his new name, it begins to work.

The new name then works continually to keep the person’s inner and outer nature aligned to his highest SELF/SOUL purpose, and by doing this, the person starts to feel at PEACE.

You brain starts to work better because the communication is so clear from the consciousness to the brain that one improves mentally and physically also.
Because one’s mind is now clear and operating in an optimum way, one’s concentration and memory is strengthened

Because there is hardly any conflict in the mind, one is more relaxed and does not suffer from stress related physical ailments. This is significant as it is estimated that at least 75% of most physical discomforts are of psychosomatic origin.

You start to become healthier and whole.

You will feel balanced and therefore make much better decisions, that will lead to greater fulfillment rather than being pulled this way and that way by tendencies which are not aligned to your TRUE nature.

Yantra yoga is a YOGA that’s main goal is SELF REALIZATION. We are shooting for that highest goal, and everything else will also be given to us along the way. People want success and so forth, but don’t be shortsighted, get Self realization and then success will come naturally.


We like to describe Yantric Yoga as the “jet plane route” route to enlightment. Although there are many ways to obtain enlightment, Yantric Yoga is one of the simplest ways as all it requires is the perfect name.

When you select the perfect name for yourself then you are help to balance and harmonize your inner and outer nature with your Atman (true self). In turn, your Atman has unfettered access to the like brain receptor. A perfect union of communication is thus created.

When you give yourself a balanced name, you give the gift of enlightment.

When the mind is balanced through Yantra Yoga, miraculous clarity ensues and the way to awakening to your true self becomes self evident. This creates even greater health and vitality because there is no need to make choices. Every stimulation of your inner being will now register at the cellular level of the mind, thus allowing greater clarity of thought, eradicating confusion.

In order to get the perfect name for yourself, the name must be in harmony with the proper birth path. Unless you have studied Yantric Yoga, then you will not calculate the correct birth path.

When a name is in harmony with the date of birth, then you will experience a harmonious life in a way that others do not. This does not necessarily mean that you will not experience stress or frustrations, but instead, it simply means that you will know who you are and be at peace with yourself.

Spending many hundreds of years developing this science, these mathematicians found that the vibration their students were born into at birth seemed to be in conflict with the vibration of the name they were given.

In tabulating this theory the Sages used a mathematical principle to give each vowel and consonant of the language a numerical value. The numbers were not important in themselves, but they, like all formulae tell a real story. Once the science of mathematics in relationship to vibration was cemented together as a science, the balancing of the name was easy.

More relevantly it was found that Mothers and Fathers always chose names that they liked  – not the name that was good for the child per se, but the name that appealed to them. Thus the saying in the Bible:

“The sins of the fathers shall be handed unto each succeeding generation.”

This Bible saying not only referred to the then unknown science of genetics, but also to the name because at the time the Bible was written it was only fathers who named the children.

When the mathematical value of the name is in harmony with the mathematical value of the birth date, then the child, pet or adult experiences a level of harmony that is free of conflict and confusion that is found so prominently in people of the world today.

This science, although adopted by the Jews in their secret Qabala, and given to their children at their right of passage in the Bar Mitzvah, was lost centuries ago, and now even the Jews do not know how to harmonize the name. It has now become a simple religious rite without any true meaning to the past.

Our method for balancing the name, is the original and only true method of harmonizing the name to the birth.

When you give your child, your pet or yourself a balanced name, you give the gift of harmony and balance. Parents who have given their children balanced names have been amazed at how their child has superceded other children in school and in general, taking responsibility for their relationships with others.