Basic Guidelines For The Soulwork

Like Life, each journey that you take is a unique experience. And the Holy Nights of the Soul is a journey to your Inner Self. The only right way for you to do it is YOUR WAY!

The following general guidelines are just to give you some ideas. When you integrate these ideas with your personal preferences, the needs of your body, mind, and soul, you will have a rich and nurturing experience unique to you, and that is the intent of this Soulwork – to celebrate the uniqueness of YOU!


SACRED SPACE: Create a Sanctuary for your Soulwork

Dedicate a quiet place at home where you will not be disturbed by other people or loud noises, and make sure your place is comfortable, cozy, and warm. You may wish to create a small altar, where you will keep your journal, your dream stones, and other meaningful objects, and possibly photos of your ancestors and descendants.

Decorate it according to your sense of beauty: you may want to use apples and nuts, mistletoe, holly & ivy, pine boughs and cones, crystals, bells and chimes, small cakes with various symbols of the cycle of life. Incense may include rosemary, pine, and cedar, and anything else you like. Decide ahead of time if you’re going to use music or do your Soulwork in silence.

Before beginning your Soulwork, you may wish to create intentional, Sacred Space – a safe container in which to do your Inner work. You can simply call on the four directions – great pillars of light, Mother Earth, and Great Spirit. You can open Sacred Space on December 24th and close it on January 6.

You may wish to offer a prayer to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides with a request for power, guidance, and protection – when we establish a conscious connection with Spirit world our Inner work will be powerful and insightful.


SACRED TIME: Create a Rhythm for your Soulwork

Rhythm is one of the basic pleasures of life, and our mind and body respond with delight to it. I would suggest reading the message for the day first thing in a morning when you receive it in the email, contemplate it through the day, and then create a ritual in the evening where you read the message again, work with your altar, use your journal to write or make art, work with your dream stones, and then relax your body for the shamanic work. In a few days, this rhythm will feel “natural”.

Make sure you have your journal and a pen with you during the day to keep a record of your visions, feelings, synchronicities, dreams, and discoveries. If you’re artistically inclined, draw, paint or collage your visions.


BODY TEMPLE: Nurture the temple of your Soul by engaging 4 elements of earth, water, fire, and air

EARTH: this Soulwork will make you high – in a good way – so it’s important to stay grounded. The simplest way to do so is to stand on the Earth barefoot, but during this time of the year, it could be quite uncomfortable, unless you’re a Polar Bear ;). What works for me is to simply sit on a crystal or hold it in my hand. You may also try visualizing that you have roots coming out of your feet and going deep into the Earth, or use any other method of grounding or earthing yourself.

WATER: in order for your body to take in this Soulwork more deeply, it needs water. Make sure you drink a glass of water before you start, and have a glass of water next to you so you can sip it during the process.

FIRE: during this darkest time of the year we need the warmth and light; I suggest you work with the living light of pure beeswax candles. (Please be attentive to the fire and extinguish all open flames before shamanic clearing)

AIR: It is great to walk, dance, sing or do breathing exercises right before a Soulwork – it will help you oxygenate your body and keep your mind awake and alert. Deep breathing will help you center yourself, and bring your attention to the present moment.


FORMAT OF THE DAILY WORK: every morning at 4 am EST you will have an email waiting for you in your mailbox.


DREAMWORK: As soon as you wake up, please record any dreams, insights or impressions of the last night. If you would like to dive deeper into the Dreamwork, there are few suggestions on this page:

INSPIRATION: Each day we will contemplate one aspect of our Soul’s “I AM”

REFLECTION: A series of questions will follow the Inspiration to deepen our Soulwork

SELF-CARE GIFT: The tradition of gift giving goes back to ancient times when gifts were exchanged throughout the Winter Festivals, so each day I will ask you to give a gift to YOURSELF. I will have some fun suggestions for you to choose from, however, feel free to gift yourself what YOU desire.


EVENING RITUAL: We will light one candle each night, adding them as we go, so on the last night you will have a circle of 12 candles with one in the middle. If you have colored candles, I will tell you the color of the candle to light, otherwise, it will be the pure beeswax candle.

THE BACKWARD YEAR REVIEW: Each day we will review one month at the time, in backward order. We will start with the current month of December, then November, and so on, until we reach January. This practice will allow us to perceive our activities, feelings, and thoughts during the year and reveal to us hidden patterns of our life. Then we can lovingly release inner and outer habits that do not serve our Highest Good.

THE FORWARD PREVIEW: Each day, after monthly backward review of 2017, we will then preview the same month of the upcoming year 2018, starting with December and ending with January. This practice will help us develop mindfulness of our expectations and sensitivity to the Divine guidance, and it would be fun to refer to your records as the year unfolds, to see how much our Inner Light is guiding us and how attuned we are to it.

COURAGEOUS DREAMING: Each day we will be doing deliberate intending – in other words, bold and courageous dreaming –  for each area of our life. Every email will focus on one area – Finances, Children, Friends, etc. We will be writing, drawing or collaging in our journal; we will have a wonderful book filled with positive knowledge about ourselves when we finish our Soulwork on January 6. Later at night, we will use our breath to transfer our intent to our dream stone.

DREAMWORK: Dreams are an ancient form of divination, of accessing the Divine Will and receiving advice and guidance. One ancient belief is that dreams during the Holy Nights predict the events in one’s life for the coming year. We will be working consciously with dream stones to anchor our intents and wishes by using our breath: we will blow our intent into our dream stone three times, and tuck our dream stone under the pillow. Each day we will work with a different stone, and when the Soulwork is over, we will bury our Dreamwork bundle – all 13 stones – in the ground, symbolically planting the seeds of our dreams.

SHAMANIC ENERGY CLEARING: Each night I will be doing a group shamanic energy clearing. Ideally, you should be relaxed, hydrated and warm. However, I understand that some of you could be celebrating or otherwise engaged; you will still receive a full benefit of the clearing.

DURING THE HOLY NIGHTS: Stay open and receptive, like an explorer, and allow your Soulwork to simply unfold without editing or figuring things out. The time to make sense of it will come later. Right now, just gather information and experiences. Know that EVERYTHING you perceive during the Soulwork is a part of the message. Don’t discard anything just because it doesn’t make any sense to you now. Record all that you experienced – insights, thoughts, feelings, symbols, and messages.



Without your loving attention and your child-like curiosity, none of the beauty and richness of Self can be experienced. I congratulate your courageous choice to make a commitment to your Spiritual development during the Holy Nights of the Soul! YOU ARE WORTH the time, the focus, and the dedication.


Have a magical experience!


In the Spirit of Love and Freedom,

Alana Blusol