Dreamwork BluSol Shamanism

Some suggestions that could help you explore the possibilities within a dream:

1. Underline the keyword and notice what your first associations are. Sometimes this can trigger insights that are not in your remembered dream.

2. Notice your feeling sense about the dream upon awakening; now scan the body to see if there are any changes to the feelings as you recall the images.

3. Do a reality check to see if your dream reflects things going on in your life or possible future events.

4. Re-enter the dream to dialogue with dream characters and get more info (Dream re-entry is considered a key ability of shamans and helps to create a more lucid ability to enter into dreaming while awake and thus facilitates our journey work; if you’re not skilled in dream re-entry you can learn during the shamanic session.)

5. Notice who you are in the dream. Do you look the same? Are you the same age? Are you a participant or an observer? Active or passive? Do other people in the dream notice or care about you? What are you doing or not doing in the dream? How do you feel about it? What is your attitude? Are the actions of your dream-self similar or different to your waking self? Compare your answers to the previous questions with situations in your waking life. When do you feel exposed? When do you take the back seat or the initiative?

6. You might explore the dream images and symbols, particularly if they have shown up in other dreams. What do they seem to want to communicate to you? Is there any play on words or puns that are trying to get a point across?

7. You can ask yourself “what part of me” could the different players and elements in the dream represent?

8. Sometimes a dream is a vaguely remembered experience in another dimension or realm. It is important to honor a powerful dream by sharing it with the right person or people. You can also honor it by writing a poem, creating a drawing, or finding a talisman for the dream that you honor on an altar or wear.


Suggestions were inspired by ‚ÄúConscious Dreaming” by Robert Moss