I have seen many therapists and psychiatrists over the past several years in my search for help with some emotional health issues. My therapists, while usually kind and well-meaning, often seemed not to fully understand my problem or why I was there. My psychiatrists would simply write a new prescription, in spite of my protests and desire to wean from prescription medication. After feeling dissatisfied with the results of traditional therapy and medication, I knew there must be something more. I began to seek a practitioner with a more holistic and spiritual approach.

Oksana is the most compassionate practitioner with whom I have ever worked. From the first time she and I spoke, I felt that we connected and that she was the right person to help me. She radiates kindness and wisdom; at the same time she is relaxed and has a wonderful sense of humor. For once I felt understood, as if someone could finally see that what I was going through would require treating more than just the chemicals in my brain, or talk therapy. I look forward to our visits, and I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted, empowered, understood – and more like myself.

I did not have any experience with alternative medicine before meeting Oksana. However, she always explains to me every step of what she is doing during the energy work in our sessions. She is powerfully gifted, and I feel myself healing more with each visit. Oksana laid out our treatment plan from day 1, explaining that my sessions with her won’t go on indefinitely, and that she always looks to the day when her clients are healed and no longer need her. I know that day will feel very bittersweet to me. She has become one of my greatest sources of support and a trusted confidant.

                                                                            Britt Grey

                                                                                                                                            Richmond, VA


Oksana offers a thoughtful, genuine approach to shamanic healing. Over the past year, sessions I have had with her have reflected her intention to honor her clients with expert listening skills that go beyond hearing words, to sensing deeper meanings behind those words. She has devoted much time to honing her intuition and to creating a connection with Guides and Teachers who can assist her with a thorough approach to the energy component of each session. Her capacity for vivid journeys to facilitate deep healing is a gift she uses wisely.

Her enthusiasm for Life and Spirit is a means to connect with clients, helping them to feel comfortable working with her. She is sincere about following up with clients to make sure that elements of the healing have been addressed thoroughly, and that the client has been able to integrate aspects of the healing as well. As Oksana explores her own path of healing and inner growth, she brings those gifts to her service as a healer. She is open-hearted, pure in intention, creative in her use of shamanic skills and a trustworthy advocate for promoting the healing steps of her clients.

                                                                                                Rebecca Dove Sieling

                                                                                                Pacific Palisades, CA


Oksana’s energy and beautiful space in the woods is deeply nurturing and conducive to healing on a profound level.  I have had two sessions and already feel an important shift in my ability to recognize and actualize my life work.

– Jean Weiss, RN


Oksana is a compassionate healer. She encompasses integrity and is quite intuitive. She is also very supportive. I learned a lot about my past both in this life-time and past ones.

– Charlotte Hirsch

Oksana is a truly passionate individual, with a commitment to continually exploring the frontier of how to help and heal others. I think she has found her true calling. The energy movement in the room during our sessions was palpable and she helped me move into some big shifts!

– Zack Armstrong

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