Reset and Alignment

As a shaman of my tribe, it is my honor and duty to keep my tribe informed and well, and this Total Solar Eclipse is certainly an event that should not be missed talking about.

The recent times leading up to the eclipse have been really challenging for me, and my creativity has not been flowing. It took me several days to get to the keyboard to write this. And yet, as I write these words I feel a beautiful anticipation in my heart…

I feel that something wonderful is being born in me, and in the world…

I feel that whatever is being born is what I was being prepared for all my life… It’s a vague, gentle feeling, and yet very powerful.

I have been shedding off a lot of what I thought was me to make room for what is more true, more free, more powerful and more beautiful than I have yet imagined…

Below I have some musings and resources for this powerful eclipse moment that will light up and support your magnificent being on this challenging path of being a Human. I hope you find them helpful. I love you so much!


From an Ancient Point of View

Indigenous people of the world understood all total eclipses as gateways, as portals. The shamans see them as Sacred Medicine and recognize them as evolutionary passages for individuals and humanity at large, in which we can fulfill or reset our Soul missions.

The eclipse of August 21, 2017, in North America is a very significant event of this century, with the last one of this magnitude occurring 99 years ago, and it’s so much more than an astrological event with millions of people gathering to witness the brief alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun.

I find it very peculiar that this eclipse begins over the North-Western Pacific Ocean, the former place of Lemuria, and goes over the landmass of the United States to Cape Verde of the Canary Islands, the former place of Atlantis.

Many of my clients and friends have elusive memories of past/parallel lives on either of these continents and feel that they need to correct something, heal something, finish up some unfinished business from that time.

The way I see it, here we have a unique opportunity to heal and release the memories of former catastrophes of the very distant past. From macrocosm to microcosm… from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to the cells in our bodies, this solar eclipse has a powerful, healing influence, opening for us a gateway to a profound connection with all of life. It’s another great chance to RESET if you will.

As it is occurring in Leo, and it’s all about our inner King or Queen; what would you like to create in your kingdom? What is your true passion? Are you willing to unleash your inner flame?


How to Prepare Yourself for the Solar Eclipse

As usual, there is a lot of crap filling the airways coming both from the gloom and doom camp and new age bliss brigade. What I love most about an animistic shamanic approach to life is its practicality: tune into your heart, to your body, and to Nature…

You can easily tune into the healing wisdom and increase the potency of this sacred medicine for yourself and the Earth with some simple preparations:

For the new birth to occur, the death of the old must precede. You KNOW what needs to fall away.

During the total eclipse, we will have a moment of perfect equanimity and balance of inner and outer environment on all levels. Envision the highest version of yourself at the time of the eclipse, and hold it in your heart.

Let the light in your heart grow with each inhale – you don’t have to bring the light in from outside of yourself – it already resides within you.

Nurture your Soul and body in Nature.

As a shaman of the Tribe, I offer a Reset and Alignment Soulwork, timed for this powerful celestial event, to align and harmonize us with the Great Spirit, Sun, Moon, and our precious Earth.

During three days I will be doing shamanic soulwork to invoke healing light, animating your essence and amplifying your life force energy.

In this practice, we will:
• Receive a powerful transmission from the sacred union of the Sun, Moon, and Earth
• Activate our ability for soul-restoring healing
• Increase our awareness of subtle energy realms for greater balance and harmony with all life

To participate, please click on a button below for the donation from your heart to mine.