Healing Response

Healing Response

When You Feel Worse Instead of Better

There may be a time during your work with the shamanic energy sessions when your body reacts physically or emotionally to the changes that are happening inside you. It is called a healing response or healing crisis.


As your Soul heals, the stress in your mental, emotional and physical body will diminish. As this occurs, your immune system will start to heal the physiology of your body, and toxins, viruses, stored emotions and beliefs will begin to leave your body. As a result, you may feel physically – and emotionally – out of sorts or even ill until the detoxification is complete. If you have ever used a detoxification program, you may recognize the symptoms. Drinking plenty of water, meditating and using breathing exercises will speed up the ability of your body to rid itself of toxins.

Some people feel more emotional than usual. They feel an emotion, such as anger or sadness, that is either totally unrelated to what is happening around them or so strong that it is out of proportion to the actual events to which they are reacting. These are symptoms of an emotional detox. Similarly to physical toxins, emotional toxins are making themselves felt as they heal and leave your body where they were stored.


It’s important to remember that what you are feeling is not a problem. You are feeling your problems being healed. A healing response is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you, no matter how uncomfortable it can be, and a sign that healing is happening. The most common healing responses are headaches, flu-like body-aches, fatigue, crying and a general worsening of the emotions. There is no rule, but generally the more traumatized you are, the more acute healing response can be.

Healing response is natural. We tend to think of the flu as fever, chills, and respiratory discomfort; however, this is not the flu at all. The flu is the virus itself. These are the healing responses of the body and immune system as it attempts to eliminate the virus that threatens it.  You need not be alarmed then if you experience a healing response as your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body gears into action to heal! A healing response is evidence that you are progressing in your healing! It will stop when healing is complete.


The exclusive focus of shamanic energy medicine is an ancient, all natural, gentle way to heal your life by clearing energetic traumas, eliminating unhealthy beliefs and restoring your personal power and soul essence. However, there are other components of a balanced healthy life.


Living a Balanced Life


The first and most important component of a healthy life is developing a personal relationship with the Divine – no matter how you call it: Source of All that Is, Universe, Spirit, Great Mystery, Goddess, God or Faery. In fact, I feel that if you heal your life but do not develop a loving relationship with the Creator, you may not have what you want most – unconditional love. So, I would encourage you to seek the connection with the Divine and it’s love above everything else. The Invisible forces of this Universe have tremendous love, respect and adoration for you and are waiting for you to reach out to them!


You need to develop a healthy lifestyle in addition to doing shamanic energy sessions. One of the most important things, in my opinion, is surrounding yourself with people who love, adore and support you.

There are many common-sense ways to maintain your physical health: these include spending time in nature, eating nutritious wholesome foods, eliminating unhealthy ones, drinking plenty of clean water, breathing clean air, taking whole-food supplements, getting exercise and plenty of rest, and many, many others. You absolutely cannot live a balanced healthy life and neglect these issues, so please don’t.

Under trauma and stress, both hydration and breathing are affected. Dehydration is the most common form of stress, followed by insufficient oxygenation. Just drinking six to eight glasses of clean well water a day and making sure to breathe deeply and completely can improve your energy levels, and decrease fatigue and general aches and pains. Their importance for health and healing can’t be emphasized enough.

One of my favorite form of exercise is to jump on a mini-trampoline for a few minutes each day. There is a lot of documented evidence of the lymphatic stimulation that jumping initiates. A well functioning lymphatic system is essential to health and works beautifully with shamanic energy sessions. Important: If you have a physical condition, please consult with your doctor or health professional before bouncing!

One more thing that I found highly beneficial is a 20-min warm bath with an addition of one cup each of baking soda and sea-salt (not Epsom salt), and clearing essential oils, such as Lavender.

If symptoms are too unbearable, another shamanic session maybe indicated. As an alternative, backing off on the amount of work may prove beneficial. The rapid changes may be tiring to your system, and your body may prefer more gradual changes. Together, we will determine the frequency of shamanic energy sessions that are most effective on improving your life.

Please remember that healing responses will not cause you harm. Please try to remain mindful and detached. As your issues clear, it is also not unusual to experience a back-and-forth response with your emotions. There may be days when you feel like “it’s a miracle” or “I haven’t felt this good in years,” only to be followed by a day or two that reminds you of how you felt before began to work with the shamanic energy medicine. This too is normal. Try to be patient with the process, and loving and kind with yourself. It takes as long as it takes. Remember, you are most likely clearing lifetimes of trauma that has been blocking your progress. This too shall pass.

There are two things I strongly encourage you to pay attention to: Conscious Dissonance and Negative Self-Talk


Conscious dissonance is when you are continually living something that you do not believe. Ultimately, it is a betrayal of SELF. It is the number one thing I have found that will slow down healing because it causes constant stress. Conscious dissonance can be anything from taking prescription drugs knowing of their potentially life-threatening side-effects to eating meat from a big chain food stores knowing of the conditions the animals were raised in. It can also be something someone else is doing that you choose to remain a part of like putting up with abuse from a loved one. This slows down healing because it is constantly creating more negative feelings and stress that need to be healed.

All of us have conscious dissonance once in a while – the physical symptom is heaviness and sometimes nausea in our solar plexus and it’s emotional component is the sense of betrayal, futility and powerlessness. I have found that if you are taking even the tiniest baby steps toward living what you believe is right it gradually eliminates the conscious conflict that slows down your healing. If you are not getting the results from shamanic energy sessions that you would like, this is the first place to look.

The key word here is CONSCIOUS. The action requires your full agreement. The good news is because it is conscious, you CAN change it! The responsibility for living what you believe is yours! If this is difficult for you, let it be the first issue you work on with the shamanic energy sessions.


Research shows that the average person has up to 1300 words of self-talk per minute. These thoughts are seeds we plant in our hearts that grow and produce our feelings and words. Feelings and words create actions, which in turn create our reality. When you thoughts about yourself are negative, what kind of seeds are you planting? What kind of fruit will these seeds produce? You get the point. In shamanism the practice of negative self-talk is dabbed self-sorcery. If you are constantly planting new destructive pictures and beliefs while you are doing the shamanic energy sessions, you are spinning your wheels at best, and working against yourself, at worst.

Solution? Mindfulness! Consciously think about and focus on love and honor for yourself, your planet and others, and anything else that is helpful and healing. Together we can create a ceremony, ritual or practice that will help you to be aware of your self-talk. Will you enjoy what you plant today, when it grows and produces? If not, start planting good seeds now! This is critical for long-term success.