Healing Stages

Healing Stages


Shamanic healing typically occurs in successive healing stages with implementation of different methods.


Often the first level is a power retrieval, a process in which a shamanic practitioner enhances their client’s power supply quickly and dramatically.

One of the most effective ways is to bring the client into relationship with a Guiding Spirit. Typically, the shamanic healer journeys into non-ordinary world with the intention to find a Spirit who will provide the client with power, support and protection. The term “Power Animal” is being used often because of the frequency with which these Spirits appear as animals, or as animal-human composites.

Being in a partnership with your Power Animal, one that has your well-being at heart, is extraordinarily empowering, especially if you learn the way to connect with them by utilizing certain shamanic methods.

The Spirit Helper might also appear to you as an old indigenous medicine man or woman. The frequency with which the spirits of Native Americans come into relationship with Westerners is quite striking, and these wise beings are generously offering their knowledge to the one whose heart is open. Healing Stages


Another level of shamanic healing involves the correct tracking of the problem, and this can be accomplished in several different ways.

The shamanic healer may go into trance and connect with their Spirit Guides to ask for information about the nature of the client’s illness. This “data” may then be confirmed by another exercise in which the shamanic practitioner tracks client’s luminous energy field and looks for intrusions that don’t belong there.

These intrusions often appear in a symbolic form – as swarm of bees in client’s lungs, for example, symbolizing lung dysfunction; as daggers, arrows or spears lodged in the clients energy body, or as shackles, nooses, or binds. Or the intrusive energy will move through the body like a dark wisp of energy.

Shamanic practitioners may also confirm the presence of intrusions by running their hands through the client’s energetic field a few inches above and around the physical body. The intrusions can usually be felt as abnormally cool places, as abnormally hot ones.

These ways of perceiving imbalance are enhanced by assistance of helping spirits, a practice that distinguishes shamanic medicine from straight energy medicine. In response, the healer may suddenly be guided to move their hands to a particular area of the client’s body, while information may arrive within their mind in a symbolic format.


Once the shamanic practitioner has a clear view of the intrusions, the next stage in the healing process involves extracting them from the client’s body, while in the expanded state of awareness and in connection with one’s spirits.

The more spirit helpers a shaman has, the more they can accomplish together. These spirits have distinguishable qualities and abilities – some are good at providing protection, while others are specialists who provide power or information, some are superb at healing work, which is why most shamans have one or more healing masters working with them.

The shaman and her spirit helpers thus work in tandem, with the healer functioning as the bridge between the non-ordinary and ordinary realms of awareness. Shamans of every culture claim that it is the spirit helpers who do the work at their request, not themselves.


The next stage of healing is the shamanic practice known as soul retrieval. This is perhaps the most important level of healing in spirit medicine because once the illness intrusion has been removed through extraction, the cause is still unresolved, namely the holes in the sufferer’s soul cluster resulting from soul loss that allowed the intrusions to enter in the first place.