I offer a variety of shamanic healing and mentoring packages and services intentionally designed and bundled for you to achieve maximum transformation in your life. Work together

Would you like to awaken to your personal power, to reclaim your freedom and to live in radical joy? I am here to assist by helping you to understand the process, access the deepest layers of healing, and undergo a guided spiritual growth.

There are three ways we can work together:

With the Shamanic Healing sessions and packages, you will undergo a healing of all spiritual and energetic issues that you face at this time, as guided by Spirit. Learn more here

In a shamanic divination session, I will access divinely aligned information from your Spiritual Guides, address your questions and retrieve inspired solutions. If you’re not quite ready to jump into a longer program, or if your needs are more aligned with a Q & A session, a divination session may be just the thing for you. Learn more here

This is for those who want to learn about energy healing, spiritual connection and shamanic opening for themselves and others. Each session builds on the previous session, with personalized energetic and spiritual healing instruction, guidance, and assignments from your Spirit Teachers and Guides, tailored to your needs at this time on your spiritual journey. Learn more here

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