Shamanic Mentoring


Shamanic mentoring is a process of a compassionate review and rewriting of your life story, of discovering the patterns that hold and bind you, and learning how to gracefully let them go.

What parts of your story no longer serve you? What are hang-ups, obstacles, and pains? We all want to live a life full of purpose, love, health and abundance. Yet, despite years of therapy, self-examination and personal growth work we sometimes continue to feel trapped by old stories.

We will craft your new story together, envision your future Self the way you want it to be and let it inform you. As a facilitator, gentle-but-effective interventionist, I will guide you through your challenges and lack of insight, and I will catch you when you fall on your path to an empowered and aware state of being.

This means you will be healthier, happier, wiser, kinder, and more creative.

Shamanic mentoring is not a quick-fix practice that temporarily removes symptoms, but a process that creates long lasting, whole-person change. In this process, we will focus on your passions, strengths, desires and abilities, and get all the obstacles that are blocking your full expression out of the way. You will be guided to make that incredible leap between the life you now live and the life of your dreams.

In this process, you will feel more aware, positive and conscious of yourself, live your highest truth and express all the latent talents and gifts within you.

You will be the most powerful, healthy, confident and loving self you could ever imagine.

While this work often begins with health issues, one quickly understands that there is no such thing as separation between the ‘parts’ of our lives. When we stop and look at life honestly, we see clearly that our spiritual beliefs affect our work and relationships, our environment affects our mental state, our diet affects our emotions, and they’re all feeding back to each other all the time. We are all a part of a big, complex interconnected picture.

To integrate fully the healing has to happen on all levels, and to achieve this we will work with spirit, mind, and body all at the same time.

In this process, you will be empowered to take full responsibility for your healing, on all levels, and encouraged to achieve balance, wholeness and self-empowered awareness.

After all, only you have the first-hand experience of what it means to live in that body.

The length of time required to reach a wholeness state is different for everyone, based on their life and spirit path. The ‘leaving no stone unturned’ approach in an individual’s life experience will allow us to explore to the full extent exactly where in your mind, body, spiritual experience and connection to the greater whole you are not living your full potential.

All aspects of your life will be taken into consideration when designing appointment content and frequency. This process demands commitment and an immense desire for healing. Each appointment builds upon the last, cultivating balance on all levels of your life, and is a combination of shamanic practice, breath work, ceremony, ritual, art and guided work.

If you are ready to radically change your life and start living your Divine Blueprint, please contact me here.