Shamanic Journey – Foundational Training


Do you long for a direct connection to the spirit world?


Are you wondering how to access spiritual help easily and at will?


Are you ready to discover your own true power?


Shamanic Journey –

The path of direct revelation and self-referencing

The Shamanic Journey is a safe, time-tested, reliable, and transformative method of accessing the Universal Energy and your Inner Wisdom. It is an ancient technique practiced by the healers, or shamans, of many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is performed to gain insight into your deepest questions, access your personal power and effect healing.


Join us for the foundational training workshop

This three-day workshop will provide you with the foundation of shamanic journey, including:

:: what is a journey – introduction

:: how to alter your awareness to perceive the spirit world

:: sacred space, prayer and intention

:: introduction to the Middle, Lower and Upper Worlds

:: your first guided journey (Script for Sanctuary)

:: meeting your Spirit Allies – guided journeys to contact your spirit animal and helping spirits

:: dealing with self-doubt

:: benefits and practical applications of shamanic journey in your everyday life



:: brief overview of shamanic healing practices of soul retrieval, ancestral and karmic healing

:: an audio-recording of a guided shamanic journey on a key-chain flash drive


There are no pre-requisites for this training, no prior experience needed – everyone can learn how to journey. This is a foundational training and a pre-requisite for all intermediate and advanced workshops.


YOUR GUIDE: Alana Blusol

In Essential Shamanism, which Alana is developing in her shamanic practice, the Shamanic Journey is used as a reliable vehicle for the exploration of the Unknown, as well as for understanding and resolving personal issues.

Alana teaches the journey through a transformative process of personal inquiry and assists her students to interpret the responses they receive in order to fully step into their own personal power. In this workshop, Alana will also offer a brief overview of shamanic healing practices of soul retrieval, ancestral and karmic healing, and explain how the shamanic journey is fundamental to the healing and is relevant in modern society.

SCHEDULE: November 17-19, 2017

LOCATION: SKALITUDE Eco-Retreat, 302 Smith Canyon Road, Carlton, WA 98814

DETAILS: The workshop is limited to 15 participants, a full itinerary will be emailed after registration. Please note that this is a residential workshop; if you prefer to commute a fee is reduced.


Resident: $397 (includes workshop tuition, 2 nights lodging, and 6 organic vegetarian meals)



Non-resident: $307 (includes workshop and 6 organic vegetarian meals)




  1. PLEASE BRING slippers or extra socks, and comfortable clothes; a pen and a journal; an eye pillow or scarf; and a light blanket.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR ANY SCENTED PRODUCTS including: perfumes, colognes, or after-shave; clothes scented by laundry products (detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets), candles, incense, essential oils; cosmetics and hair products (scented shampoos, conditioners, gel, mousse); scented moisturizers.
  3. To ensure you have a successful journey, no alcohol, caffeine, drugs 24 hrs prior to attending the workshop, please.
  4. Vegetarian diet during the workshop will facilitate enhanced perception, all meals will be provided.